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Ijan ekiti is located in Ekiti state,Nigeria. It is a large town covering, plains, hence we talk of areas like Ikesan, Kota, Suru, Ise road, Igbemo road, etc .Ijan Ekiti is a city in southwest Nigeria, in the state of Ekiti. It is also known as IJAN. The population in 2004 was 46,749. The people of Ijan Ekiti are mainly of the Yoruba ethnic group.Ijan Ekiti have Various commercial enterprises operate in Ijan Ekiti such as textile and farming. The city is the trade centre for a farming region where yams, cassava,rice, grain, and tobacco are grown. Cotton is also grown for weaving. Which the Title of The King is Called ONIJAN OF IJANEKITI.

Ijan is situated in the tropical zone. In the dry season, the town experiences very severe harmattan with temperatures high in the afternoons but very low in the evenings. Until recently it was impossible to get a mosquito inside Ijan township. The dry season begins towards the end of October and ends in early March; the raining season begins in April and ends in October; Efon Alaaye climate encourages a luxuriant forest growth.
The Ijan people are predominately farmers producing food crops like yams, maize, cassava, rice, fruits and vegetables. They also produce cash crops like, cocoa, kolanut, timber and palm oil. Ijan is one of the major producers of upland rice in Ekiti State. The people are also traders.
INDUSTRIES The people are engaged in black smithing, wood carving, dyeing, weaving and dressmaking. Other pursuits include saw milling, block making and sand and stone quarrying.
ADMINISTRATION The Onijan is the traditional head of the town. His official residence is in Ijan (Palace Residence).

The three main religions are represented in Ijan: Traditional, Islam and Christianity. Ijan is strong-hold of the Christian religion, particularly the Christ Apostolic Church,Catholic and Anglican. This is attributable to the fact that Ijan was the operational base of the founder and first Evangelist of the Christ Apostolic Church - The Late Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola, of blessed memory. The people of the town still observe festivals such as Egungun, Ogun and Olumoru among several others.
The town Secondary Schools:
Ijanmodu Grammar School
Ayodaramola memorie School (known as Ijilogun sec sch)
More more more more
and alot of Primaries school in town which i cant mention.

The town has a General Hospital, the Local Government Maternity Centre and several private clinics as well as Chemist and Patent Medicine Shops.
The town enjoys electricity.

The road net-work in the town needs urgent government attention. The roads linking the town with other towns need urgent repairs,Ijan, which is the gate-way to Ekitiland is now an enclave. There is a Post Office, managed by the Nigerian Postal Services (NIPOST).There is a Commercial Bank,Community Bank.
The Town has one (1) Nigerian Police Stations.
The Town has a modern Town Hall, which is well furnished.
The Town has two big market



  1. ijan ekiti is a land of honour in ekiti state long life ijan..................

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  3. Ijan modu omo alagada ogun.Proud to be born there.Omoluwabi lonjade lati be.cool town

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  5. I was told by my dad that Ijan ancestors way back in history migrated from Benin, had a stopover in ogho(Owo) and came down to their present location. He said we share a lot with the Owo people in terms of our street names, words used in our dialects which are not found in other Ekiti dialects, that the chieftancy titles like Ologbotsere, Osogbon etc all have Benin and Owo influences.
    Can anyone put more lights.

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